Made in the
 U S A

      We use aerospace quality stainless steel hardware and a custom high strength plastic and there assembled and set up by hand and are well tested so we can be sure that every one is working properly and will last a long time.
   We at Guitar Strap Shifter are excited to be apart of the making of this product. Its a great device for jamming a new song idea or rocking out and playing an old favorite and a useful tool that gives you confidence when playing on stage, studio, or any place you jam at..
 The product works best with electric guitars that are average weight and size.   The user needs to pull up on the handle of the Guitar Strap Shifter and lightly lift up on neck of the guitar at the same time.  You will feel it click and lock into the high solo position. Also, when your done with your solo just push down on the latch and the guitar will return back down to the low setting and it is ready to go when you need it.  There is a middle setting on the product and it is an option when needed. 
Definitely cool for beginners and advanced guitar players!

If you are a left handed guitar player we can make you a left handed Guitar Strap Shifter just email us at 

The one year warranty does not cover damages from accident, misuse, or lack of reasonable care. If the product is treated well it is going to last a long time. If you need help send me a e-mail here at

Phone # 239-207-5032    Eastern Standard Time 9 a.m to 6 p.m